WMF Trolleys: 0% Plastic, 100% Service

For some time the plastic waste discussion dominated the media. However, WMF AG from Geislingen an der Steige (near Stuttgart) is showing quite impressively that increasing challenges are also leading to new ideas in packaging concepts.

New solutions. For Go-Trolley® it is a development that has been observable for some time. Our trolleys made from printed FSC® N002605 certified corrugated case material and we now hold several patents.

“It is increasingly difficult to sell higher weight products in inner city locations. At the same time, trade should be sustainable here. Our cardboard trolleys are significantly more stable than conventional shopping bags and thus allow the easy removal of goods of all kinds. In addition there is a meaningful and durable reuse in the home environment. “

Alexandra Pachler, Head of Marketing states at Go-Trolley GmbH.

Advantages. The end user benefits from immediate and easy home transport of his goods, retailers and producers have a long-lasting, individualized advertising and can also sell more. The trolleys are suitable for 50 to 70 applications and are individually printable – from crisp communication messages to instructions for use, depending on the company. In addition, the rolling advertising format is “green” – it is made of FSC-certified paper, the wheels are recyclable. “It’s a packaging that not only offers protection, but also looks very appealing,” says Alexandra Pachler. “Our go trolleys are also often distributed at trade fairs as a communication tool. It works the same on the shopping street, if not better “.

WMF. This is also what the WMF team around Anja Dobler, International Product Manager, thinks at the manufacturer of premium cutlery and kitchenware:

“The Go-Trolley allows our customers easy and comfortable home transport of our large 90-piece promotional kits and also offers an eye-catching communication area at the POS. The cardboard trolleys are also a perfect match for our sustainability project, and we reckon with very good awareness and customer loyalty through the reuse of the trolley packaging. “

WMF operates the trolleys at locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The content weighs about six kilos, the value of goods amounts to about 200 Euros.