Displays on Wheels

Convenience for the salesforce of your clients

  • Description

    Portable mobile display with 2 integradted wheel-baseplates: Max. weight 70kg.

  • What makes this Go-Trolley special

    • Maximum mobility for the sales force of your clients without any aid.
    • Perfect for tactical retail placements.
    • Highly resistant to wetness from the shop-floor.
    • Shelve height and quantity totally flexible.
    • Perfect all-over branding possible.
  • Application examples

    • Additional incentive when running a promotion with heavy goods e.g. pet food, white goods, etc.
    • For the external sales force as sampling trolley; only the branded paper box stays at the client. The handle system can be refitted to different boxes several times or used without paper box.
    • For mobile promotions where the give-away material can be stored and transported comfortably.
  • Format

    Available in ¼ or 1/8 pallet sizes with protection cover POS ready.

  • Delivery time

    8-10 weeks. Please note that your printing data is needed only 4 weeks before delivery.

  • Attention guaranteed

    Become the star at your next POS promotion! Your display will alswys be close to your customers, due to easy handling (without tools) by the local sales staff.

  • Made in Germany

    Thanks to our German high-end production facility, we always deliver best quality on time. Self-pick-up and free storage for up to three months are also an available option.

  • Go Green

    We only use FSC® certified papers from sustainable forestry and recycled wheel components. With the ECO trolley this has been maximised to save valuable resources from the very start. Both parts can be separated and easily recycled after use. Inks are suitable for contact with food!

  • Assembling within seconds

    Quick and simple to assemble within seconds. No additional knowledge or tools needed.

  • Our Registered IP Rights

    Go-Trolley is a registered Trademark. Beside the European patent 1.888.390 B1 as well as other patents we hold local utility models. As a result we consequently prosecute all copies of our IP rights either in trade or in use to protect our clients from inferior and image damaging copies.



All our Go-Trolleys are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and carry the “green dot”. For better visibility both logos are printed on the bottom.

Trolleys made in Germany

All our Go-Trolleys are “Made in Germany” and manufactured according to the highest printing standards.

  • The perfect marketing tool for special promotions (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc… )
  • Your products are perfectly displayed in one easy to carry pack
  • Perfect for secondary POS positioning; no humidity impact from bottom due to plastic wheels. Relief of sales force at POS.

Product Requests

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