50 cans-beer-trolley with recycling function ?

Yes, there is! Our beer trolleys made from corrugated paper with recycling function as a secondary use are out now! In addition to the easy transport of heavy drinks, the new trolleys offers one thing above all, a space-saving opportunity to collect empty bottles and cans and to return them to the recycling cycle via a perforated whole on the upper part of the patented trolley. The new beverage trolleys with recycling function were last seen at the “Heurigen Mayer am Pfarrplatz” in 1190 Vienna and throughout Austria in all INTERSPAR hypermarket branches.

“The new beverage trolleys with recycling function are intended to make an important contribution to increasing collection rates. With the possible expansion of the deposit system, we have a perfect solution ready for our customers,” says Alexandra Pachler, Marketing Manager of Go-Trolley© GmbH.

As a sustainability-minded company, Go-Trolley has been working on resource-saving, but also everyday customer experience concepts for some time. In this way, manufacturers and retail customers can show that they are thinking even further beyond the sale of their drinks. In addition, more than one square metre of advertising space is permanently positioned in the household.